Charlie Galley

Trainee Guitar and Music Theory Tutor

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Charlie is a talented young musician! An A-Level student at St Johns Academy in Marlborough and heading for Bristol University, he has been a student with Slater Music School for a number of years, now specialising in acoustic & electric guitar, drums and music theory. Charlie also assists SMS’s band development at our Rock Club working alongside established SMS colleagues.

Since his earliest stages with us, Charlie has always shown clear promise in educational context. More notably, this includes the ability to understand and articulate music componentry, instrument techniques / outcomes, communication of concept and understanding the need to tailor tasks and methods to the needs of individuals.

He is therefore currently in training to become a fully established instrument teacher, assisted by both his study to date and also live experience which includes gigs and theatre shows with ‘The Zoots’ regionally. He was also successfully selected via audition to play lead guitar at the excellent St Johns’ Theatre production of ‘School of Rock’. 

Charlie Galley

Current initiatives include working towards higher graded guitar and theory exams to give more academic rigour to his playing to date, giving our students electric & acoustic guitar options from Charlie, plus Music Theory, initially for beginners. 

Charlie has a formidable career in music ahead of him and we are delighted to both be helping him and in the process assisting our own SMS students. He teaches weekly at St Johns after school hours, all at reduced rates during his training period, and we are delighted to welcome him on board. 


Please contact Lindsey on or 07789 760 884 (admin).

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