Rock Club Terms and Conditions

Who can Join?

Rock Club is a popular after-school activity run by SMS for St. Johns Academy students.

How do I Join?

Click here for the application form.


3.15-4.30pm each Wednesday at St Johns (music corridor).


£35.00 per half term per person. (A pro-rata reduction will be made if joining Rock Club midterm). 

As a school club, the price is fixed at £35 for each half term, irrespective of the length of each half term, based on 75 mins per session. (Reviewable each Sep.)


We send an invoice in advance of the beginning of each half term (in line with the school calendar - six times per academic year)

Stopping Rock Club

A notice period of a one-half term is required to leave Rock Club to enable us the opportunity to fill the space in a band. Students must give notice at the end of a term. 



An excellent opportunity to play in a band situation in a positive, supportive musical environment.

Assistance and guidance from a professional musician.

The Club offers dedicated rehearsal space and some allocated equipment/backline each week.

SMS teachers help each band with, e.g. lyric writing, playing covers or your own compositions.

Also, decision-making, dispute resolution and working with others.

Subject to numbers/demand, there may be an opportunity to perform. (Not compulsory).

Audio recordings/videos may also be made, depending on the band, commitment and progress...!

Existing bands are encouraged to join.

Individual musicians are also encouraged, who will be placed in a band.

All abilities and contemporary instruments are welcome.

(Singers, in particular, are always in short supply!)  

Some ability to play is required, but no band experience is necessary.

Attendance for a one-half term gives first refusal for subsequent terms; first come, first served.

(Waiting lists may apply).


After making an application to join, please wait for confirmation before starting. 

We need to allocate the students into the bands to ensure a balance of instruments/abilities.

Please do not simply turn up!

Further Details

Minimum numbers are required for the course to run in any one-half term.

There are six courses each year, i.e. one each half term.

The exact number of weeks in each half term depends on St Johns.

Students must be ready 5 minutes before their allotted time.

Students congregate in the atrium whilst waiting. (No access is available beforehand).

All setting up, packing away, and room tidying must occur promptly within the 75min session.

Students need to bring their own ear defenders, writing materials, materials being worked on.

Guitarists and bass players need to bring their own guitars and leads.

Vocalists need to bring their own mic/lead.

Drummers need to bring their own sticks. Piano, drum kit and PA/amps are provided.

The meeting point to pick up students at the end of Rock Club will be in the atrium.

Parents/carers are responsible for picking up immediately after the session has finished.


We, unfortunately, cannot guarantee a place in SJ Rock Club. It is subject to availability and instrument, e.g. we often have a waiting list for drummers, but other instruments are generally easier to accommodate, plus drum kits need to be provided by the school; therefore, there are limited slots.

Other Terms and Conditions


Bands will be either be ‘established’ or ‘allocated’. Established bands need to register as a band, including all members, which will guarantee their place and dedicated room. Allocated bands will be made up of students who join as individuals. Allocated bands will be created by SMS according to age, experience and instrument.

Fees/Missed Sessions

Fees shall be invoiced and are payable in advance of each half term commencing. Irrespective of the number of players in a band, fees are the same for each student. We, unfortunately, cannot refund any missed weeks by the student. (As a school club, the price is fixed at £35 for each half term). If SMS, for whatever reason, needs to cancel a week, we will offer a pro-rata refund for the week.

Alteration to Terms/Tutor Allocation

SMS reserve the right to vary the standard conditions to suit the courses as they develop. Any such variations will be made known. We reserve the right to allocate particular teacher/s to deliver this service, and this may need to change the leader from time to time. Different teachers may also provide cover in the event of sickness or absence.


Please can all students be reminded to respect the school equipment during use. On completion, students need to tidy the rooms, put amps away against walls (avoid leaving in the middle of the rooms), tidy litter etc., after each session. We need to leave the spaces tidy and ready for class the following morning.

St Johns Fire Evacuation Summary

For all lessons taking place at St John’s; namely:

SJ Students (during the day or after hours).

SJ Rock Club students.

All Private students at SJ.

In the event of the fire alarm sounding: 

Evacuation will be immediate on hearing the alarm via the nearest fire exit.

Our teachers will take SJ students to the muster point.  

We are never expecting a practice alarm, so it is always real. 

Rock Club registration will hence be taken regularly each week. 

Evacuation is to the tennis courts during school hours, the circular car park after hours.


SMS carry public liability insurance, and all SMS tutors are DBS (CRB) checked.

SMS must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student.

Student/Parent/Carers will be responsible for any loss/damage incurred to any instrument, accessory or music loaned by SMS to a student. Such items will be returned on request to SMS.