Ted Keen

With a specialism in guitar, Ted is both a student at Slater Music School and learning his trade as an instrument tutor. A multi-instrumentist player, Ted is currently developing his knowledge of music theory alongside growing composition and Music Production skills. We are delighted to invest in an able young musician, recognising his desire to learn in numerous areas of professional music. We are also providing experience in running a music school, hands-on involvement behind the scenes, and excellent learning outcomes at the beginning of his career.

His multi-disciplinary playing abilities extend to guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, each feeding into a passion for songwriting. In his own words, "ever since I picked up a guitar and learnt basic chords, I have written music. Now the main songwriter and lead guitarist for a pop/rock band based in Wiltshire, I work closely with the drummer orchestrating the drum parts, typically penning the lyrics, and I tend to create the riffs, solos and harmonies".

Ted recording.jpeg

Ted Keen

Trainee Tutor

Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano


+44 (0) 77689 760884 (admin)

Ted is also familiar with music editing software, notably pro-tools, to create band demos and own independent work. He aspires to increase his knowledge of such technology, affording greater self-reliance in recording/engineering and assisting Principal Tutor Sean Carter in delivering our Music Production.

Working in a supervised environment, we will be expanding Ted's teaching in the capacity of a trainee, therefore seeking Guitar students, new learners at beginner level. Training is nearly at the point of being on a solo basis; watch this space....!

Ted will also be assisting with the creation and production of promotional material, including, for example, interviews with students and creating social media material (see the interview with Dave Lock on this page as an example of this work; this skillset-in-development).  


You will also see Ted assisting at live events and helping at Rock Clubs. 

In short, we welcome Ted to Slater Music School and look forward to helping and watching him blossom into a music professional...